Things To Notice While Buying Second-Hand Tiles

99% of us all plan to renovate and revamp our homes at some point or other. The idea of renovating our house excites us. Doesn’t it? Well, take some time to investigate and look for modern, durable, stylish, and high-quality roof tile solutions after you’ve decided to revamp the design of your old, drab-looking roof. There are loads of options available when it comes to roof tiles, but only some of them can meet your expectations.

In certain cases, you may be more concerned with appearance and aesthetics, while in others, durability may be your primary concern. Some of you might be ready to spend a lot of money on tiles for your house, while some might want it to be budget-friendly. You will agree if we say that exterior repairs, as well as any work related to your home’s construction, can be costly. However, there is some solace in the form of recovered, recycled, and second hand construction materials, which can drastically lower project prices. So, If you are looking forward to buying tiles that are within your low budget, you can consider buying second-hand tiles.

Many firms in the market deal in second-hand tiles of good quality and stock a wide range of materials, with roofing materials being one of the most common. Using second-hand roof tiles is a great option and has a lot of advantages, as long as you choose the appropriate ones. So, let’s have a look at the things you should notice while buying second-hand tiles.

Quantity And Quality

On hand If you’re replacing missing tiles, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one or a couple. Second-hand tiles that match your present roof should be easy to come by. However, if you want to replace a huge part of the entire roof, it will be considerably more difficult.

It’s possible that a single batch won’t be enough. Although a reclaim yard may contain the required quantity, the tiles may have come from a variety of roofs. This means that the dimensions and colour of the material may vary. So, before buying second-hand tiles, make sure there is enough quantity available of the kind of tile you want and that also of good quality.

Age Of The Tiles

This is one of the most important things you should pay attention to while buying second-hand tiles. Don’t just go and choose any second-hand tile. You should rather make sure that the tile is exact size so you know installing them will not be a problem. Clay tiles can often survive more than 100 years, even though roof tile makers limit their warranties to commercially reasonable lengths. They even outlast the rest of the roofing system, making them an excellent product for recycling and reuse.

Dimensions Of The Tiles

You should buy tiles of the correct dimensions as tiles of the wrong dimensions are going to be of no use to you. The measurements are more likely to be wrong the older the tile is. Old tiles were handcrafted, unlike current materials that are precision engineered. So, be aware of the right size and dimensions for the tiles you need to avoid any kind of issue later on.

Benefits Of Using Second-Hand Tiles

Are you all aware of the benefits of buying Second-hand tiles? Well, it has many advantages. A wide range of second-hand tiles that are available are only ever made up of concrete or clay. Well, we are well aware of the current environment scenario and know that the environment is deteriorating day by day. Second-hand tiles being reclaimed and recycled are environmentally friendly. So, by buying second-hand tiles, you are taking a step forward towards our environment. Moreover, second-hand tiles are budget-friendly as well, as they are affordable and cost less than the new ones.


If you are planning to get your house renovated or wish to change the roof tiles on a low budget, you can consider buying second-hand tiles. Even if budget is not an issue for you, you can still give second-hand tiles a thought as using second-hand tiles has numerous advantages. Heritage listed homes are sometimes recommend to “match existing” when it comes to renovating or adding extensions on, if this is the case for you then Roof Tile Recyclers will be able to help you out even if the original/existing tiles on your home are 100+ years old! They are excellent for both the environment and your budget. However, you should always double-check all of the aforementioned points before purchasing second-hand roof tiles. We all know that it’s usually a good idea to doublecheck goods before buying them, and the same is true with second-hand tiles. So, are you also looking for a firm that deals in second-hand tiles? Well, Roof Tile Recyclers is the right place for you. We’ll provide you with excellent quality second-hand tiles and will make sure you are satisfied.