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Do you sell direct to public?

Yes, we do.

How many is the minimum amount?

You can buy 1 if that is all you require.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver. Quotes are made depending on the number of tiles/products and the location of the delivery.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes, we can arrange for delivery anywhere in Australia through a number of different logistics companies if needed.

How much are the tiles?

Tile prices vary depending on which product it is or the location we have had to travel to obtain them. In saying that from the cheapest to the dearest there is only a $1.50 difference.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, eftpos (Visa & Mastercard) or bank transfer.

If the tiles aren’t the same colour can they be painted?

Yes, all tiles can be painted. Whether they’ve previously been restored, or they are concrete or terracotta they can be painted providing the correct undercoat is used. Roof Tile Recyclers sells all of the products needed to paint any tile on the market.

Do you buy tiles?

Yes, we do buy tiles. All of the tiles in our factory have been purchased off roofs/jobs and are bought in bulk.

Do you do roof repairs?

No, please follow the links on our website for recommended contractors in your area.