Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta roof tiles have a unique appeal be it aesthetically or otherwise.
terracotta roof tiles

Have The Most Beautiful Rooftop

If you ask us which roof tile would look the most handsome on your roof top, then Recycled Terracotta Roof Tiles will be our answer. Terracotta is one such material that gives an extra oomph to roof tops, with its classic finish and aesthetic color schemes.

Roof Tile Recyclers provide you the best recycled terracotta roof tiles and the apt terracotta ridge caps to go with it.

Why Choose Terracotta Roof Tiles?

If you are confused about choosing the material to go with your roofing tiles, choose terracotta roof tiles as you can never go wrong with it. Terracotta is absolutely timeless and can give an instant aesthetic appeal to your home. It’s like your home wearing a crown!

terracotta roof tiles

Here’s What Our Customers Say about Us

Knocking Down Our House We Called These Guys To See If We Could Offload Our Tiles To Them. After Collecting All The Tiles That Were Of Suitable Condition We Received The Funds In Our Account The Very Same Day. Very Prompt And A Nice Bloke, I Really Enjoyed Speaking To Him And Learning Little Insights Into The Tile Industry. Wish This Company All The Best For The Future.

Josh Joshua
Excellent service and great staff. Needed some spare tiles as I was getting solar panels installed. Staff were very friendly and helped put the tiles in the boot of the car. Best if you can bring in a tile that you need and they will match it up perfectly.
Phil S
You will be amazed at what he has in stock and a mountain of knowledge. I might only buy them to smash them but they are great value for money. Thank you Master Paul Mitchell United Taekwondo
Master Paul
We replaced our tile roof and were given these guys number. What can I say. Awesome to deal with. Great communication and arrived and took most of our tiles and we were paid the very next day. I've given their details to many people since who have been looking to both buy and sell tiles. Awesome business. A+++++
Scotty “Gregory Duff” Andrews

Dear lovely Roof Tile Recyclers Thank you so much for your kindness towards us with the ridge capping roof tiles. Your service is absolutely outstanding, and the world needs more people like you that go above and beyond delivering excellent service in your business. God bless you. Again, I apologise that somehow, I have not responded to your many calls. I am sorry as I’ve been receiving lots of scamming calls. Thank you. Be safe and take care

Beverly De Bruyn

Recycling Roof Tiles Made Easy!

We understand that finding a replacement for your concrete roof tile can be quite a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Roof Tile Recyclers can help you find the exact match for your concrete roofing tile.