Lead Free Flashing

- WAKAFLEX is ‘The Next Generation’ premium, lead free flashing made from Polyisobutylene. It’s highly durable, flexible and UV resistant. Inside the butyl rubber body is an aluminium honeycombed mesh that stretches down to provide a lasting profile of the roof and stops any lifting. Two butyl sealing strips that run along each side of the 5m roll ensure a watertight seal no matter what roofing material it’s applied to. Wakaflex is up to 50% quicker to install than lead flashing because it can be installed in complete 5m rolls lengths with no specialist tools required
Wakaflex can be installed on all common roof materials and has the unique ability to chemically fuse together, when two rolls are overlapped by 50mm. Overlaps are waterproof immediately and fused permanently within minutes.

Wakaflex can be installed in all typical applications, such as abutments, step-flashing and Dutch gables. It can also be easily installed in areas where lead flashing cannot, such as, box gutters, metal roofs and verandas. Wakaflex has great expandability making it the perfect flashing to use on ad-hoc roof features, repairs and maintenance work as well as new build installations. Although it is available in the 4 most common tile colours (Black, Lead Grey, Brown & Terracotta), Wakaflex can be painted to match in with any building design. Wakaflex looks better and is much safer than lead so why not try it on your next project and see for yourself why many roofers and builders have already left lead behind. Click here to see just how much easier and quicker Wakaflex is to use.