Australian summers continue to get hotter and so do our homes. A great way to make your home or business cooler in summer is to use solar roof ventilation like the SolarKing solar fan. Roof temperatures in Australia during summer often reach 50 to 70°C and the best way to reduce these high temperatures in to install the SolarKing roof fan

Many homes already wind driven “whirly birds” installed on roofs. Whirly birds rely on highs winds to produce any benefits and even then they only move around 100CBM per hour for each unit. Compare this to the SolarKing that moves 2100CBM per hour, there is no comparison.

The SolarKing solar exhaust fan uses the sun and only starts working when your roof space reaches 25°C so as not to remove warm air in the winter when it is needed to keep your house warm (whirly birds operate regardless of the temperature. When the sun disappears in the evening the SolarKing will stop ventilating but at this time the roof is now cooling naturally with the reduce temperature as the fan has been extracting during the day.

Have you ever noticed how the lower level of a 2 storey home is always cooler than the upper level? This is due to the upper storey blocking extreme heat from the lower level. The SolarKing solar roof ventilation fan does the same thing, the fan replaces the hot air inside your roof with the cooler outside air. This greatly lowers the extreme heat in your roof pushing into to your living space.

You can also add closable vents in the ceiling of your home that can be opened when a cool change comes through to draw the cooler air in through your open windows and doors. Normally you would position these vents near the centre of your home to extract maximum hot air. This air is then extracted along with the hot air in your roof by the SolarKing solar fan.

So if are looking to make a big change to your comfort levels this summer and looking to reduce the high costs of power using air conditioners, let the free power of the sun to do the work for you and use you air conditioning a great deal less.