Top 10 facts about reliable tile roofs



Tile has been the most common choice for roofs since decades. This is still a popular roofing choice
because of it being reliable even in extreme weather conditions.

Let us discuss a few facts aboutreliable tile roofs –

1) Tile roofs can withstand any weather condition and can last for atleast 50 years.

2) Tile roofs can mimic the look of slate or wood shakes and can fit any type of architectural

3) Tiles come in varied colors, sizes and shapes.

4) Tiled roofs have a low life cycle cost and therefore save your money on maintenance in the
long run.

5) Tiles are available in variations of clay and concrete. Clay tiles can withstand extremely high
temperatures during baking, along with retaining their strength and color.

Concrete tiles, on the other hand are a mixture of cement and sand.

6) Tile roofing is an eco-friendly option too as no natural resources are depleted during it’s

It’s a known fact that recyclers have also turned old tiles into new roofing materials.

7) Tiled roofs are known to fight against hail storms where the hail stones are as large as 1.5

8) Tiled roofs can also withstand strong winds upto 125mph.

9) Tile roofs allow air circulation and thus have the ability to reduce heat.

10) Tile roofs have two layers to ensure protection against outside elements. The first layer
works as a water-shedding shell whereas the lower layer prevents interior water damage.

Clay and concrete tile roofs are on par with metal roofing. Tiles made from clay or concrete are
mineral based and can be easily recycled.

Infact 100% of clay tiles can be reused or recycled, this saves the earth from toxic or carcinogenic hydrocarbons chemicals.

There are many uses for recycled concrete and clay roofing tiles including –

– Being crushed into gravel
– Use in other construction projects
– Use in landscaping around property
– Sidewalks and walkway paths

Recycling roof tiles is something that would benefit everyone in the long run.

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