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Giving your roof tiles the right coat of paint that it needs, is what gives your roof the complete look.

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Superior Quality Roof Paints

We at Roof Tile Recyclers, have a wide variety of premium roof tile paints, available in over 42 colors. It is long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and comes in different varieties also.

Roof Tile Recyclers is one of the very best recycled roofing tile suppliers in Australia and when we say we will take care of all aspects of your roof, we actually mean it. Regent Paint is the absolute best when it comes to the right paint for your roofing tile.

With its heat protection feature and super high gloss finish, regent paint is the ultimate choice for your roof tile. We have the Tileguard roof paint, Heatguard roof paint and the Regent Ultra roof paint available. All of the paints come in 42 vibrant colors.

Give Your Roof Tiles - The Ultimate Protection

We understand how harsh the climate of Australia can get. The roof tiles are the ones that get the direct impact of the changing climates and their intense effects. One of the best ways to protect your roof tiles and give them a longer life is to give them a good coating of roof paint.

By giving a little more attention to you roofs, you can actually save more money in terms of replacing them. Well painted and primed roof tiles can withstand harsh climates and can protect your roofs for a longer period of time.

Why Paint Your Roofs?

It is normal for you to think as to why go through the trouble of choosing the right primer, right color and quality of paint and then paint your roof, when you could just leave them as they are. But the advantages of getting your roof painted are much larger than that of leaving them bare.

Painting your roofs can give a complete makeover to your house. No matter how well you maintain the rest of your house, if you have a shabby roof, it makes the rest of your house look shabby as well.

Most of the time, painting your roof can take care of the damages that had happened to your roof tiles, which saves a lot of time and money when compared to replacing the whole roof.

It is much important to give your roof tiles n extra layer of protection through roof paint, which can make your tiles not just good looking, but long lasting as well.

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Our Collection Of Roof Paints


Tileguard Maxi Prime

If you have uneven roof tiles, then directly painting on them may not be a good idea. Use the Tileguard Maxi Prime to get the extra smooth finish that is absolutely stunning to look at!


Tileguard Sealer

When it comes to concrete roof tiles there may be some hoes that need filling before you apply that final coat pf paint. Tileguard sealer helps you seal off any such gaps and crevices.


Tileguard High-build Seal

If you think that our roof tiles is too won out to be painted, then let us introduce you to the Tileguard High Build Sealer. It helps even the tiles out and fills the missing parts up


Tileguard Roof Paint

After the base is done, it is time to choose the right roof tile paint for your home. The Tileguard Roof Paint provides super smooth finish and gives your tiles a regal look.


Heatguard Roof Paint

During summers, painting your roofs with heat protectant roof paint can be a total life saver! Our Heatguard Roof Paint can help your roof withstand the unforgiving summers.


Regent Ultra Roof Paint

Looking for that high gloss finish for your roof tiles? Then you have come to the right place. Regent Ultra Roof Paint is the ultimate choice for any roof tiles that needs an extra oomph.

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Recycling Roof Tiles Made Easy!

We understand that finding a replacement for your concrete roof tile can be quite a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Roof Tile Recyclers can help you find the exact match for your concrete roofing tile.