20L Standard Sealer

Prime Driveway Paint/Sealer

Prime Standard Sealer
The Prime Standard Sealer is UV resistant and will protect your concrete from mould, staining, algae, moss and repels dirt, grime and oils.
Prime Exposure Acrylic Standard Sealer is made using the finest acrylic polymers and is blended in Australia for Australian conditions.

Prime Exposure Standard Sealer will enhance the colour of your decorative concrete and keep it looking like new for years.

Coverage: Approx 70-80m2 per 20 Litre Drum

Surface Preparation

Check the concrete is sufficiently cured, pressure clean the surface (above 2000 psi is preferred) and ensure the surface is free of any grease, oil or any foreign contaminates.

Remove any loosely bound cement and efflorescence by acid etching with hydrochloric acid diluted at approximately 9 parts water to one part acid. Do not allow the acid to dry on the surface during this process, thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh water using a garden hose. You must allow the concrete to thoroughly dry prior to sealing!

Any moisture will affect the sealer, making it look white and cloudy. Moisture will stop surface adhesion and cause delamination.


The surface should look totally even in colour prior to applying Prime Exposure Standard Sealer, if the surface is not, the cleaning process has to be completed again until the surface is uniform in colour. Any contaminates or efflorescence will be locked under the sealer coating and will remain for the life of the coating.

Standard and Decorative Concrete

For your first coat we recommend 70% Prime Exposure Standard Sealer and 30% Prime Exposure Xylene. This dilution assists the sealer to penetrates the concrete pores effectively binding itself to the concrete. After stirring well, we recommend that you apply the sealer by using a roller and ensure that you apply an even coat with no pooling.

  • Allow a minimum of 1 hour before applying your second coat (weather dependant) ideally, waiting 3-4 hours between coats for the resin to harden is best.
  • You can apply by using a Viton Seal Spray Unit, this process will normally require one diluted and two undiluted coats.
  • The second coat requires no thinning down and should be applied at 100% Prime Exposure Standard Sealer.
  • Please ask your Prime Exposure stockist for our Anti Slip (glass beads) for any surface that may be a slip hazard.
  • Do not drive on the newly sealed surface for 3-4 days to allow the resin to harder.
Exposed Aggregate Sealing
  • We recommend you apply Prime Exposure Standard Sealer with a good quality roller as this will ensure there is an even coating with no pooling and reduce the amount of lost time in replenishing the roller with sealer.
  • Apply two even coats with no thinning down for Exposed Aggregate as the surface is porous which allows the sealer to penetrate the concrete surface for suitable adhesion.

For resealing we recommend to follow the above surface preparation process and once the surface is totally dry, apply a coat of Prime Exposure Xylene to reactivate any existing sealer and assist penetration. After the surface has dried follow the application steps.